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A Story Of Mythologeny

A Story Of Mythologeny

A Story Of Mythologeny is our first handmade graphic novel.

Limited to 150 ex numbered and signed - English version.

The book explains the concept of the Mythologeny and how and why Le Prof created it...

Wrote, drew and printed by Noty Aroz

  • Description

    A Story Of Mythologeny is our first book. Handmade form A to Z, it has been silkprinted at our art studio La Cale, Paris in limited edition of 150 exemplaries.

    This wonderful Art Book will be for sale only in the US during our Miami residency.
    Here are only 10 exemplaries available online for the 10 faster dudes.


    A Story Of Mythologeny tells everything you should know about Mythologeny to understand our artistic concept.

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