Noty and Aroz met in the middle of the 90's, at primary school in the Paris suburbs.

A common passion for drawing and the lack of a father, gone for one, dead for the other, generated a fraternal friendship between the two boys.

"Le Professeur" :

At 12 years old, they meet an old disabled man during an artistic outing.

While they were doing graffiti on the side of his house, the former renowned explorer, sociologist and anthropologist took them under his wing. They quickly created a special relationship with the man and considered him to be a mentor, their own father:

Le Professeur.

For years,

the man transmitted to them the fundamentals

of the Fictive Syncretism,

a socio-theological theory dealing with a

newemerging religion,


Since the beginning of the third millennium, around the world, some populations had started to venerate figures from both

popular fiction and traditional believes.

This new mythology was a conscious religion, in which the venerated divinities were not be perceived as having existed in the past, but as
divinities having a concrete impact on reality.

" Religions do not

explain the inexplicable

anymore because Science has this role nowadays. In a world lacking stable benchmarks, religions now aim to overcome
spiritual deficiency. 

The Professor went on

to name the two young boys


and put them in charge of

spreading the word.


Premier indice


est une énigme

It's a graphic palindrome

A palindrome is a word, phrase, or sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward.


is an enigma

First hint

Aroz, self-taught, studied the visual arts


Contraction of the words Mythology and Y Generation. Set of divinities from contemporary syncretic beliefs.


School of thought in favour of religious pictures and icons and their veneration.


Philosophical or religious system that tend to merge several different doctrines.

Noty studied screenwriting

Like two apostles and their
prophet, after having conducted extensive
research, they have presently discovered a way
to predict the new MYTHOLOGENY religious icons. 

Here, Mythologeny is written in Syncretic alphabet, official alphabet of Noty Aroz.

Each graphic creation of Noty Aroz arises
from a lengthy process of research and
analysis, in which each symbol is justified.

Chacune des créations graphiques et documentaires de Noty Aroz sont le résultat d’un long travail de recherches historiques et d’analyses scénaristiques, dans lequel chaque symbole fait sens.

Fun street-art for some,

or a new kind of crusade for others,...

... Noty Aroz goal is to set their artistic approach as an innovative practice in the landscape of contemporary art. 

By removing the figures from fiction and rooting them in reality, Noty Aroz address geek art
fans and ancestral art lovers. They make the too-popular sacred and confront us with a

new breed of iconographic figures:


a Mythology for the

Y Generation ?

Their 3D stencil art work is part of the same approach: confronting a popular technique like
the stencil and a noble, even sacred object, sculpture.

Once again, style goes hand in hand with content.