The movie “The Mask”, cinematic adaptation from the comic of the same name, is released in 1994. Played by Jim Carey, the main character, Stanley Ipkins, is a shiny bank employer. One day, he discovers a wood mask which, when worn, reveals his hidden personality, a Tex Avery universe fan.


Then, he becomes The Mask, a slapstick and outgoing character. His main goal is to conquer the heart of the beautiful Tina, a cabaret singer. When he is The Mask, Stanley surpasses himself and becomes able to seduce without anxiety, free of any inhibition.

The mask as an object of social dishinibition has been created by Italians at the time of masked balls “Mascherata” and wore for the famous Venice carnival. During those parties, the main goal was also to make it with the other masked participants.


As in the movie, the Mascherata allowed to rebalance the social inequalities: behind a mask, social classes don’t exist anymore. In the movie, Stanley Ipkins robs his own bank being The Mask, what allows him to get socially higher.

At last, dance is everywhere in the movie as in the masked balls, in particular at the Coco Bongo, emblematic place of The Mask.

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