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Predator is a movie that has been released in 1987. The movie tells the story of Dutch, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has to fight The Predator, a hunter coming from space. The movie addresses the problematic of the food chain and the humankind place in it, through the thematic of hunt.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, hunter brotherhoods are more or less secret and esoteric societies. Still efficient today –and called Dozo- their members occupy a specific place in African societies. According to the oral legend, the first hunter brotherhood would be Bambara or Malinké, two peoples mostly based in Mali, in western Africa. The founder of Mali, Soundiata Keita, was himself a great member of a hunter brotherhood.

On the forehead is represented the food chain: the hunted animal, dominated by the two men, Kontron and Sanin, brothers founders of the first brotherhood. On top, the extra-terrestrial beast, half-man half animal, unbalancing the fragile equilibrium.

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