Monsieur San

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We don’t really know how appeared the first samurais. Different theories exist. What we know, is that their name, samurai, comes from the verb “saburo” which means to serv. Nowadays, the samurai is the most emblematic figure of feudal Japanese times, which lasted about 700 years. Back in those times, deprived samurais, wandering and lonely were called Ronins.


In the X-Men Universe, the Wolverine, created in 1974, has a lot in common with those masterless samurais. Like them, he has created by the government to serve it, before being a lone wolf, owing fealty to no lord and following his own path. He wields 3 blades and has a proper honor code. Indeed, Wolverine is a modern Ronin.

Here, he is linked to 3 animals : On the left, the crane bird represents agility . On the right, the gold fish embodies immortality. And himself, in the center, for bestiality. It is noteworthy that these 3 animals embodies for each of them an element of the Shintoism religion, witch gave birth to the Bushido honor code : The sky, the water and the earth.

Mister San can be literally translated as Mister 3.

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