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In the X-Men universe, the character of Mystique, created in 1978, is a shape-shifter. She can modify her appearance. The X-Men story is all about the thematics of racism and integration. Mystique has several common points Malcolm X: both of them are charismatics and seen as aggressive figures of a racial claim movement. They’re both bisexual. Both of them have a family member who represents what they’re fighting against. Indeed, Mystique would have a non-mutant kid who would become a anti-mutant politic activist and she would kill him. Malcolm X is a half-breed from his grandfather. What makes him a African-American with Scottish roots.

Noty Aroz decided to go deeper on that lead. In the Scottish Celtic mythology, the kelpis are feminine creatures who can shape-shift from women to aquatic horses to fool the wayfarers and eat them deep in the far end of the forest lakes. Hence the skeletal diadem.

But there is more. Morrigan, Celtic goddess of war is also a shape-shifter. She modifies her appearance to fool her enemies on the battlefield. Morrigan is always represented with crows surrounding her. Crow, or we could say Raven, which is the real name of Mystique. And everything binds together.

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