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The Flash, the super-hero who has been created in 1940 is inspired by Hermès, messenger of the Greek gods of Olympus and son of Zeus. Remember this : The Flash embodies the speed and in physics the speed is a perception
used to calculate a movement.

One the other side, the most famous aspect of ancient Greek art is sculpture. Greek statues represent deities without movement, frozen. In Greek mythology, the gorgon, named Medusa, has the power to freeze every people with whom she makes eye contact.

So for the simple humans, the Fash has the power of very high speed. But remember, time is a perception. And from his own point of view, does the hero hasn’t the power to freeze us like statues, as a gorgon would do ?

This new god, Fleuz, embodies the concept of time as an elusive material and subjective thing.

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