Bill Servator


The « Saw » movie is a successful horror movie released in 2004. It tells about the story of a serial killer named Jigsaw. This one kidnaps people that, according to him, don’t respect “Life”: they are drug addict, rapper or killer. Those characters woke up trapped, attached, and need to mutilate themselves to be able to escape from this hell. While the bloodbath is happening, the passive killer watches them through a camera.

Hurting it-self to wash away sins reminds about the Floggers movement back in the 13 th century. Those believers were going from a village to an other by flogging their own back and singing canticles, hoping to reach paradise when they’ll pass away. The Flogging movement has certainly be the most extremist Christian movement ever.

At the same time, Christianity was expressing itself through the “primitive gothic” architectural movement. This style is born in western Europe and is the one that has been used for the construction of Notre Dame de Paris, of which are inspired the motifs of the mask.

The Christian trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holly spirit – can be translated by : The Creator, his ombudsman, and his symbol. In the “Saw” movie, the main character, Jigsaw, embodies 3 entities as well: John Kramer (which is his real name), his puppet Billy, and the camera, symbol of his omniscience.

The name, Bill Servator, comes from the nickname of the puppet, Billy, and from the latin word servator, which means observer but also savior.

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